Electrical Installation Condition

An (EICR) Electrical Installation Condition Report involves checking and testing the electrical installations to pinpoint any possible dangers that are unclear in the visible inspection. It is recommended that you do an EICR every 3-5 years to ensure safety and compliance with the safety regulations.

Ohmatic Electrical Ltd. has been providing its services of EICR in Mitcham since 2004. No matter the scale of your project or the type of your property, we are here to assess your electrical installations to provide the EICR of the highest standard.

What Is an EIRC Report?

An EIRC gives the complete details of the current condition of your electrical installations and ensures their compliance with the British standard for electrical safety.

 The elements reported include:

  • Fuse box
  • Earthing and protective bonding
  • Lighting, switches and socket outlets
  • Visible signs of burning and scorching
  • Signs of wear and tear

What Are the Classification Codes in an EICR?

Following are the classification codes that show some issues need to be addressed:

C1 Code:

It means that some danger needs urgent attention. The contractors can make C1 danger safe before exiting the property.

C2 Code:

This shows undoubtedly dangerous risks, which may not be considered harmful at the time of inspection but could be destructive if any fault occurs during installation.

C3 Code:

This code shows that improvement is required in electrical installation.

F1 Code:

This code implies that your system needs further inspection without wasting time.

Who Needs EICR?

The BS 7671 recommends the following need electrical installation inspection in the UK:

Homeowners: They should get an EICR every ten years; if you have a swimming pool, it should be inspected and tested yearly.

Landlords: They must conduct an EICR test every five years.

Business Owners: They must have an EICR inspection test every five years.

Benefits of EICR


An EICR certificate in Mitcham indicates that you need to address some safety risks before they become a danger to your staff and visitors. By preventing electrical incidents, you can reduce the chances of injury as well as legal and reputational consequences.

Compliance with regulations:

EICR test ensures that your electrical systems align with the electrical regulation, which requires all electrical systems to be safe and well-maintained.

Early detection:

EICR test detects the dangers before the actual problem happens. It allows you to take safety measures and repair minor damage before it becomes a significant issue.


An EICR test is essential to claim coverage from the insurance company for electrical incidents. If EICR is not provided, then they will refuse the claim.

Improved energy efficiency:

Energy bills are a huge matter these days; to reduce the electricity bills, it is essential to make your system energy efficient. The electrical inspection condition report identifies and rectifies the system issues, enhancing your space’s energy efficiency.

Ohmatic Electrical Ltd.

We are a registered company with approved contractors providing the best EICR services. Service quality and compliance with the latest British regulations is our hallmark.

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If your electrician finds out that your electrical system does not align with the standards and is unsafe, your EICR is considered fail.

EICR testing in Mitcham is valid for five years. After that, you have to conduct a new EICR test.

It almost takes 1.5 to 4 hours to get it done. However, it depends on the size of the property and the number of circuits required to test.

Yes, you can; landlords can share a copy of the landlord electrical safety certificate with tenants if requested.

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