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Electric car charger installation

We are OZEV authorised electric car charger installer.For home and business, we install domestic and commercial EV chargers. If you already know which EV charging point you are after simply contact us and get a quote to install.

More about electric vehicle charging

Uk is phasing out the sales of new petrol, diesel cars and vans by 2030. Planning that all new cars and vans will be required to be fully zero emission at the tailpipe by 2035.

Many more people now own an electric car in the UK. Here at Ohmatic Electrical Ltd we adapt to fast growing number of electric cars providing EV charging solutions for home and business.

We are qualified to install electric vehicle charging points up to the latest BS 7671 Requirements for electrical installations.  

There are a lot of options from which you can choose on the market right now when it comes to electric vehicle charger installation. That’s why it’s our duty to take care of the research so you can focus on the things you enjoy.  

We’ve selected couple of top EV Chargers currently available on the market. We are trained and approved certified installer by leading brands in EV charging industry. Every manufacturer has fit for purpose unit that we can adapt to your needs.

Most popular and widely recommended is 7kW single-phase (AC) Car Charger. If your property is equipped with three-phase (AC) supply then you might consider more powerful 22kW EVC.

The process of installing an electric vehicle charger is broken down into several steps:

  • Electrical Survey – This is when qualified installer is visiting the property to check if your electrical installation is suitable for planned addition. During the visit installer will advise if there is any additional electrical work or further investigation by DNO required so the EVC point can be installed.
  • DNO notification – your Distribution Network Operator will be notified about EVC installation under your address. If maximum demand is <60A/phase and there are no other issues DNO is notified within 28 days of installing the new equipment.
  • Further investigation by DNO (if required) – if there are any issues with incoming supply e.g., looped supply, damaged cut-out, fuse upgrade etc. remedial action by DNO must be completed before EVC point can be installed.
  • EVC installation – electric car charger will be installed together with any additional work identified during the survey e.g., consumer unit upgrade, earthing/main bonding upgrade etc.
  • Inspection, Testing and Certification – Installation will be fully inspected and tested. You will be provided with Electrical Installation Certificate at the end of the work.

We provide electric vehicle charger installation service in Balham, Clapham, Putney, Raynes Park, Streatham, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, and more… 

If you require to book EVC survey do not hesitate to contact us on 07982306772.

Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging

Car charger installation at home:

EV ChargePoint Grant for flat owner-occupiers, landlords and people living in rented properties provides up to 75% (capped at £350) contribution towards the cost of one charge point and its installation. 

To apply for the grant the following requirements must be met:

  • You own, lease, or have ordered a qualifying vehicle  
  • You have dedicated off street parking at the property or assigned to the property
  • You Live in rental accommodation or in the flat

Contact us on 07982306772 to install your EV charge point.

Commercial electric vehicle charging:

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

 It is a voucher-based scheme available to business that provides eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charge points.

For small accommodation businesses and commercially let property owners allowing employees and fleet drivers to recharge their electric vehicles at workplace. 

The grant covers up to 75% of the total costs of the purchase and installation of EV charge points, capped at a maximum of £350/socket.

Maximum of 40 sockets across all sites per applicant – for instance, if the customer would like to install them in 40 sites, they will have 1 socket available per site.

Find below step-by-step guide explaining the whole process:

  • Apply for working scheme voucher
  • If voucher is generated you will be provided with unique code
  • We provide you with a quote including voucher discount
  • We install EV charge points
  • Once the job is completed, we will claim the grant
  • You confirm that the installation is completed then we will receive the grant

If you require electric vehicle charge points installed in your business place get in touch with us. 

EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets available from Autumn 2022!

  • Available to Small and medium business enterprises (SMEs).
  • Businesses and apartment block owners will benefit from £15,000 OZEV grant funding per site. 
  • Applicants will be able to claim of up to 5 grants in total. 
  • If further funding is required then Workplace Charging Scheme may be used. 
  • The total amount of grant funding available cannot be more than 75% of the cost of the installation of the charge points and infrastructure charged to the customer. 
  • You can claim £850 for each EV charger installed or £500 for each charging infrastructure provision.  
  • A minimum of 5 parking spaces must be provisioned with charging infrastructure, at least one of which must have a working EV charger.

If you require to build your EV charge points infrastructure get in touch with us. 

Questions about EVC charger

You can order your EV charger directly from manufacturer. However, your EVC installer can do it for you, especially when applying for the grant. 

Your electric car with 40kWh battery will be fully charged using 7kW charger in under 6 hours. Depending on your vehicle's built-in on-board charger and your property supply characteristics.

You can calculate yours using simple formula: 40(your battery capacity in kWh) / 7kW (your EVC power) In this case will be exactly 5.7h.

Tethered version of car charger has attached charging lead to the unit and you are dependant of its length and plug type you chosen during the purchase. It is convenient to have it always in place.

Untethered version of car charger has no attached charging lead. Every time you want to use the charger you need to plug in your charging cable to it. That allows flexibility with variety of plug types and different length of charging leads to be used.

Warranty period is 36 months. The product start date of the warranty period is from the date of product installation. 

All our new installations are covered by NICEIC platinum promise which means that there is 6 years warranty period for the work done by us.

Most electric vehicles and plug-in vehicles are supplied with a home charging cable that can be plugged into a regular socket. However, you need to make sure that your electrical installation is in healthy state as this is a lot of power for significant amount of time.

Socket-outlet you use for electric vehicle charging need to be protected by type B RCD or type A RCD and equipment that protect in case of DC fault current above 6mA

Special safety requirements apply if you want to charge your car outdoors. Whether it is standard 13A socket-outlet or dedicated electric vehicle charger - suitable built in or external protection that allows for safe charging is required.

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