EICR in Wimbledon

Parts of the system that are reported on include:
  • Consumer unit (fuse box),
  • Earthing and protective bonding,
  • Lighting, switches and socket-outlets,
  • Visible signs of burning and scorching,
  • Signs of wear and tear.

Inspection EICR PAT

We are here to assess your electrical installation whether it is small flat, big house or commercial property.  Reports provided are transparent and done to the highest standard so customer can fully understand their outcome.

EICR - electrical installation condition report

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is true reflection of your electrical installation.  Report identifies any damage, deterioration, defects and/or any conditions which may give rise to danger along with observations for which improvement is recommended. 

Build a Safe Electrical Environment

The EICR, or the Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a statutory requirement for landlords and HMOs. However, other properties such as offices and homes can also benefit from the EICR as it involves a detailed inspection of your electric network.

Only accredited and qualified electricians are authorised to conduct the EICR and provide the EICR certificate. At Ohmatic Electrical, we have an in-house team of qualified and accredited electricians to provide you with an EICR in Wimbledon and elsewhere in the UK for regulatory compliance and property safety from electrical hazards.

Get in touch with us for your EICR certificate in Wimbledon to ensure electrical safety and help build a safe environment for your loved ones, employees, and customers.

EICR Testing in Wimbledon

The EICR certificate is provided once our electricians complete the assessment of your property. The process starts with a detailed inspection of the condition of electrical wiring, sockets, consumer units/fuse boxes, and other electrical components. After the visual inspection, the electrician runs some electrical tests such as continuity tests, polarity tests, RCD tests, functional tests, and insulation resistance tests. These tests evaluate the functional safety of electrical components.

Best Electrical inspection and testing EICR/PAT

Wiring is given particular importance as compliance has to be ensured with the IET’s BS 7671, which requires that your wiring be of adequate quality. This detailed inspection has many benefits, including a complete assessment of the safety of your entire electrical network and identifying any risky areas or parts that may require repairs or replacements.

Benefits of the EICR

  • A leading electrical company issuing landlord electrical safety certificates that ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Your property and investment are both safe.
  • Protection from electrical hazards, which can lead to fires and shocks.
  • You can carry out timely repairs and replacements to protect your property and save yourself from expensive damages in the future.
  • You will attract more tenants and buyers.

Why Ohmatic Electrical?

  • An in-house team of NICEIC-certified electricians with considerable experience to provide you with reliable EICR.
  • We provide and install top-quality electrical components from the best suppliers in the United Kingdom.
  • A detailed and thorough inspection ensures compliance with regulations and also helps you create a safe environment for all the occupants.
  • Highly competitive rates for the electrical inspection condition report to keep your cost within your budget.


The EICR includes the relevant property information, inspection date, details of the inspector, observations, recommendations, test results, and other important information.

The EICR is valid for five years or when you have new tenants. However, if you suspect something is wrong with your electrical network, you can do it anytime.

You can face fines and penalties if you are a landlord and do not comply with the EICR requirement. In case of an accident, you can land in prison.

The EICR is maintained by the property owner. A copy is also shared with the tenants as a legal requirement.

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