Electrical Installation Fault Finding

Extensive experience in fault finding and knowledge about various electrical systems and installation types make us the right choice and your fault-finding remedy.

If you have constant problem with electricity in your property even if you already hired electrician before we are here to help and come up with a solution. 

What is fault finding about?

Electrical fault finding is step by step analysis of affected electrical installation by suitably experienced and qualified electrician.

Some of electrical faults can have really serious consequences if not rectified straightaway. Contact us if you come across any of the below:

  • Burning smells
  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing in the walls
  • Sparking from socket outlets
  • Higher than usual energy bills
  • Tripping circuit breakers or fuses
  • Mild to severe electrical shocks when touching switches or using equipment especially in the bathroom
  • Hot socket outlets or switches
  • Black tar leaking from your main electricity cut-out fuse

What is happening during the visit?

  • Electrician will collect evidence by speaking with the client and by visual inspection looking around for any visible defects
  • Several electrical tests will be carried out to locate the source of the fault
  • Fault is isolated or repaired (TBC by client)
  • Circuit is re-tested to make sure that there are no more faults
  • Healthy circuit is re-energized

If you have ongoing problems with electricity or think you might have a fault in electrical circuit, contact us now.

Process of Electrical Installation Fault Finding at Ohmatic Electrical

Our experienced electricians explain the problem to you and suggest the appropriate action to resolve the issue. They complete the electrical fault finding process in the following steps:

  • Inspect fittings and fixtures to analyse the loose connections and signs of burning or dampness.
  • Troubleshoot your property’s electrical circuit to identify any faults requiring repairs.
  • Conduct in-depth electrical fault finding tests with the help of calibrated electrical fault finding test equipment if any visual faults are not detected.
  • Issue a quotation before commencing the work if any repair work is needed to reinstate the power or rectify the identified fault.
  • Suggest the upgrades or replacement, if required, to avoid future electrical issues.
  • Repair the fault.
  • Re-test the circuit to ensure there are no more problems.
  • Re-energise the healthy circuit.

If you are facing a constant electricity problem on your property, you can contact us for our electrical installation services.


Electrical systems are dangerous to work on, requiring a professional to deal with fault finding and maintenance of these systems. Our specialist electricians are experienced in carrying out high-quality electrical work and equipped with all the dedicated tools required to make your electrical system safe to use in future without compromising its integrity.

To prevent electrical faults at home, you should get your house wiring regularly inspected to avoid damages, have a dedicated circuit for energy-intensive appliances, including air conditioners, fridges, etc. hire an electrician to inspect the switchboards and identify faults and not overload a circuit with too many appliances and connections.

An electrical fault detection service identifies and diagnoses problems in electrical systems and deals with the issues of tripped circuits, power outages, malfunctioning appliances, flickering lights, etc.

No, you should not attempt fixing electrical faults yourself, as electrical systems are dangerous and can prove lethal if not handled professionally.

The duration varies with the issue's complexity and property size. Some problems can be identified quickly, whereas other intricate faults might require more time for accurate identification.

You can follow these steps to identify a potential electrical fault within your property:

  • Turn off all the circuit breakers.
  • Turn on the main safety switch.
  • Turn on all the circuit breakers one by one.
  • Identify the faulty circuit.
  • Turn off all the switches again.
  • Turn on the electricity back.

If you identify any electrical fault, call our electricians.

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