Kitchen Rewiring Service

A kitchen needs more power than other spaces, with more electrical outlets and switches needed for your appliances. Witnessing numerous activities, ranging from meal preparations to socialising with friends and family, this space of your home needs due consideration.

Ohmatic Electrical houses an experienced team of professionals to deliver premium kitchen rewiring services. If your kitchen has got old or you have moved to a new house and need updated electrical installations in Mitcham, we can help.

Types of Kitchen Rewiring Services

At Ohmatic Electrical, we offer the following types of kitchen rewiring services:

Full Kitchen Rewiring

We provide complete kitchen rewiring service by considering all the safety plans and giving the best advice regarding fitting units to avoid electric problems after the installation and other repair or replacement costs.

Partial Kitchen Rewiring

We also undertake partial kitchen rewiring service, which involves changing the location of sockets or switches in your kitchen, installing new lights, and adding more kitchen appliances.

Process of Kitchen Rewiring

Our professionals complete the process of kitchen rewiring in the following steps:

  • Stripping back the floorboards and wall panels to access the wiring installations
  • Turning off the electricity from the mains supply
  • Removing the electrical appliances, lights, fixtures, switches, and sockets
  • Detaching the existing wire connections from the circuits and removing the wires
  • Analysing the expected load of new wiring
  • Installing a new ring circuit, spurs, and other distributors or transformers as required
  • Testing the functionality of wiring
  • Cutting new holes if any new appliances or sockets are to be installed
  • Connecting hardwired appliances
  • Reinstalling the sockets or switches
  • Testing and inspecting the whole system to ensure its safety
  • Replacing the floorboards or panels
  • Notifying the building control department

Cost of Kitchen Rewiring Service

Multiple factors determine the overall cost associated with a kitchen rewiring service, and it usually falls somewhere between £1,000 and £1,500 in the UK.

Advantages of Kitchen Rewiring Service

  • It helps you change old lighting and ceiling fans with a new lighting system to brighten up your kitchen and new fans or circulation devices to keep it cooler.
  • It assists you in rewiring the current appliances to bring them within the reaching distance of a plug socket.
  • It aids in the wiring of new appliances to complement your kitchen design.
  • It allows you to add more sockets in your kitchen based on your requirements, such as installing plug sockets under the kitchen counters or fitting USB outlets.
  • It allows you to change the kitchen design for which you must plan in advance, keeping your budget in mind.
  • It ensures the safe and proper fitting of the appliances.


It would help if you told the electrician about the types of appliances and number of electrical outlets required in your kitchen.

The cost of kitchen rewiring depends on the size of your kitchen, number and type of appliances, sockets, wiring accessibility, cost of required materials, number of spurs, cost of local labour and local notifications, and your residential location.

We offer rewiring services for almost all kitchen appliances, including coffee machines, dishwashers, food processors, fridges, freezers, kettles, microwave ovens, slow cookers, and toasters, etc.

Kitchen rewiring requires hiring a professional electrician to do the work safely, which involves dealing with various wires and electrics.

Our specialist electricians ensure that no socket is too close to the sinks or places with chances of leakage, and plug sockets are not exposed to ensure kids' safety.

It is recommended to get kitchen rewiring service every 20 or 25 years. Still, it can be undertaken sooner depending on the leakage issues, steam exposure, flipping breakers, and heavy use of the kitchen.

It is vital to hire a professional electrician to get your kitchen rewiring done, and you should check for their liability insurance, online reviews, quote options, timeline for project completion, association with NICEIC, and if they provide building control notifications.

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