Lighting Installation Services

Lighting Installation Service-

Illuminating Ambience

Imagine working in a place with a lit-up ambience arousing a sense of comfort and serenity. This is what installing lights at your place can bring you. Through well-planned lighting installation, you enjoy the essential luminance and create an environment that captivates and engages individuals.

Ohmatic Electrical provides the best lighting installation services to its domestic and commercial clients. Our specialists are licensed and well-equipped to install all types of lighting on your property. Connect with us to create your brightened-up space.

Catering to All Lighting Possibilities

Being industry experts, our lighting installation contractors are skilled in all types of light installations:

Recessed Fixtures: We install recessed lighting fixtures to your walls, ceilings or floor to create a fancy look.

Track Lighting: We install track lights to illuminate your hallways.

Pendants: Pendants come in a variety of colours and styles. You can use these stylish lights to make a customised lighting environment via these hanging lights.

Wall Sconces: Our professionals proficiently install wall sconces that extend from your wall to brighten up your hallways and side tables.

Ceiling Lighting: We can decorate your home or hall with efficient installations of ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, or low-hanging lights.

Ambient Lighting: These create a base layer of soft or bright white, off-white, or yellow hues for your room.

Laser Lighting: We can help you have a lovely starry effect on your ceiling with laser light.

Plug-In Lighting: These lights let you enjoy a flood of relaxing waves of cloud-like nebula light.

LED: These are energy-efficient alternatives to conventional bulbs and come in many shapes, creating an amazing luminescence inside your room.

Accent Lighting: We can help you illuminate your dazzling loveseat or the space right under a stunning portrait by fixing an accent light on it.

Ambience, Elegance, and Shine

Our lighting installation electricians help you enjoy a sense of ultimate serenity and a reduction in your bills.

Saves Money: We can help you save on your energy bills by installing energy-efficient lights.

Better Health: Having sufficient light stimulates your brain to produce less melatonin and more serotonin, which reduces depression and promotes healthy behaviour.

Enhances Your Home Space: A bright home looks more spacious and inviting for your guests.

More Safety for Your Eyesight: Enhanced light saves your eyes from stress.

Adds Value to Your Home: With well-planned installations, we can make your home more valuable for potential customers if you intend to sell it.

The Delicate Ambience: A well-lit home adds a delicate ambience to your home as per your mood, whether it requires cosiness, warmth, or minimalism.

Customised Services for Everyone

Ohmatic Electrical remains concerned with its clients’ needs. Whether you need to create a cosy environment for your patio or a decent look for your study room, give a touch of glare to your lawn for a party or maintain serenity for your office space, our experienced light fitters can produce your desired environment.

Services at a Wider Scale

Our company provides its expert lighting installation services to diverse commercial and domestic clients. We serve:

  • Residential spaces
  • Commercial businesses
  • Entertainment venues
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Shopping malls
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial facilities


Yes, we have a £2 million public liability and £300,000 professional indemnity insurance to compensate for any unexpected loss during light installation.

What is the average cost of lighting installation?

The typical shade of the light depends on your choice. Reach us and discuss with our experts to find a suitable light for your patio.

Yes, we are NICEIC-approved, and our professionals are licensed. You can also find us at

One year warranty

We take great pride in our workmanship & are committed to providing the best quality services to our valued customers.

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We realise that electrical emergencies cannot wait, that’s why we offer same-day service for your electrical needs.

Upfront pricing

We quote every job on-site and before we start any work. No surprise bills or tactics. We guarantee our up-front pricing.

Licensed professionals

All of our electricians are fully licensed & trained to take care of all of your electrical needs.

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