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Wiring issues in houses can be extremely dangerous; faulty or old wiring can cause blown fuses, tripping of electrical systems, and even has the potential of setting your house on fire. Therefore, rewiring a house by a qualified and expert electrician is recommended to ensure your home’s safety.

Ohmatic Electrical is an NICEIC-registered company with years of experience in electrical rewiring in Mitcham. Equipped with the latest techniques and requirements for safe rewiring, our experienced electricians ensure the highest work quality for every house rewiring service.

Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

If you see the following signs, it’s time to consider home rewiring:

  • When bulbs in your house are constantly dimming and flickering, there is a chance that you may have faulty wiring.
  • If you notice any nasty burning smell, which is commonly emitted by faulty wires, consider getting house rewiring services from a well-reputed company.
  • Keep checking your switches or sockets to see if there are any burnt marks, which are typically caused by tiny fires or electric sparks.
  • In case of constant tripping of the fuse board, you may need to replace it or rewire your house.
  • When you plug in an electrical item and see a spark around the socket, it could mean your electrical system has to be rewired. It is absolutely time to call the experts if the plug gives you a small electric shock.
  • Buzzing or crackling is a sign that an electrical circuit is failing. Contact an electrician if you hear any strange sounds originating from a plug socket so they can investigate.

Benefits of House Rewiring

Protection from Electrical Accidents: Faulty or old wiring can cause burns, shocks, and even deadly injuries, risking your family and property. A house rewiring service can keep you safe from all kinds of electrical mishaps.

Save Your Money on Bills: Faulty wiring could hugely impact your electricity bills, as it causes power leaks, which means more electricity is drawn out of the outlet than you need. A house rewiring can help you save power and reduce bills.

Prevent Appliances Malfunctioning: Your appliances may even start to suffer from faulty electrical wiring throughout your home. Therefore, consider rewiring and keep your appliances in optimum working condition.

Regulatory Compliance: A home rewire keeps your building compatible with the latest safety regulations, addressing frequent hazards and implementing the necessary safety measures.

Increased Property Value: Updating the electrical system is the best way to raise a property’s value. Your house rewiring certificate will imply that your house has been well-cared for.


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For your house rewiring and maintenance in Mitcham, contact the Ohmatic Electrical team and ensure safety and regulatory compliance via specialist services at a reasonable cost.


The cost of rewiring a house depends on many factors, including the size of the house and the specifications of fixtures and fittings. Generally, for a house of five bedrooms, rewiring costs may range from £3000-£12000.

We make sure to hire and train the best professionals to ensure that all electrical repairs and installations are done with top-quality workmanship.

Rewiring a house after 25-30 years is recommended to keep up with the latest safety and building regulations.

Before calling electricians for rewiring, remove rugs, carpets, and old furniture to create a more spacious work area.

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We take great pride in our workmanship & are committed to providing the best quality services to our valued customers.

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