Fire Alarm Installation Services

Fire Alarm Installation Services

Employing Robust Security Measures

Smoke and heat detector installation is your vigilant saviour. It keeps track of the minute temperature fluctuations in your vicinity and alerts you to take immediate action to avoid any catastrophe. 

Ohmatic Electrical is the leading fire alarm system supplier, offering robust fire and smoke detector installation services in Mitcham to secure you and your property and help fulfil regulatory protocols. Our effective planning and timely implementation are crucial elements of our services.

Greater Vigilance and Effective Response

Ohmatic Electrical is your trusted partner to ensure an effective response to fire hazards. Having the latest equipment and professional fire alarm installers in Mitcham, we promise meticulous installations in residential and commercial settings.

Benefit from Fire Alarm Installation Services

Timely Warning: Modern fire alarm panels have built-in early fire detection (EFD) systems that enable them to spot any smoke or fire breakout timely, thus giving an evacuation window for the occupants to save their lives.

Asset Protection: Be it a house or a business complex, a fire alarm system safeguards it.

Legal and Insurance Requirements: Hiring our residential fire alarm service helps you cut your insurance premiums in case of any loss. Additionally, it allows you to stay compliant with the regulatory protocols and prevent heavy fines.

Minimum Business Disruptions: Our fire alarms enable you to take quick actions, helping streamline your business operations and ensure their effective continuity.

Monitoring Around the Clock:  If you have a business complex, our fire alarm systems provide 24/7 monitoring, saving you from imminent risk.

Fire Alarm Installation Service

Greater Customer Satisfaction:

Making quality emergency arrangements gives you a better image among your customers and proves you are responsible.

Services for Every Sector

Ohmatic Electrical is dedicated to serving each commercial and domestic sector, ensuring reliable security. We serve:

  • Residential Homes: Homeowners, renters, and occupants of houses and apartments.
  • Commercial Establishments: Businesses, offices, factories, warehouses.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.
  • Industrial Facilities: Manufacturing plants, refineries, and other industrial sites.

Comprehensive Safety Services

  • Our company offers trusted fire alarm installation services with strategic planning as per the demand of your residential or commercial property.
  • We provide expert smoke alarm repairs whether there is an issue with the electrical components or a buzzing part.
  • We give the best fire alarm maintenance services for all types of alarm systems.


We deal in installing all types of alarm systems, whether you need interconnected smoke alarms, two-wire, conventional, or wireless fire alarm systems.

We make sure to hire and train the best professionals to ensure that all electrical repairs and installations are done with top-quality workmanship.

The cost of a fire alarm installation depends on the job's complexity. Whether you need a commercial or domestic alarm, you can contact our experts for more details about the pricing.

A fire alarm benefits in several aspects:

  • Warns you of any fire or smoke emission.
  • Provides you with a window to escape the dangerous place.
  • Saves your lives and keeps your property secure.

This is probably due to some issue with the sensors. Contact our experts and ensure the timely functioning of your alarm.

One year warranty

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