Electricians in Mitcham

Ohmatic Electrical provides expert electrician services in Mitcham for your residential and commercial settings to ensure your and your property’s safety.

Hire an Experienced Electrician

  • We possess years of expertise dealing with electrical appliances, installations, and systems.
  • Our certified professionals deliver high-standard work without compromising quality.
  • We strictly adhere to BS7671 wiring regulations and Part P of the Building Regulations.
  • We expertly deal with electrical issues, saving you time and replacement costs.
  • Our team of professional electricians gives you comfort and peace of mind with quality services.

When to Engage an Electrician?

We are an NICEIC-registered company housing certified electricians; contact us for any of the following concerns:

  • If you are facing regular circuit breaker tripping, it indicates frequent power surges, necessitating the services of an electrician to inspect, identify, and resolve the issue.
  • If you or any of your family members experience an electric shock from a plug outlet, connect with us to prevent any serious incidents and damage to the electrical appliances.
  • If a buzzing noise or any other sound emerges from an electrical outlet, there might be an issue in the wiring connection, which needs to be fixed by an electrician.
  • If you notice any burning smell or smoke from an electrical plug or outlet, you should contact us to avail of our emergency electricians’ service.
  • Flickering lights indicate faulty wiring, which can be due to compromised or loose connections, and our electricians can help you trace the problem to resolve it.
  • Our electricians can provide urgent services to fix any electrical switch, plug outlet, or appliance fault to avoid short circuits and fusebox and circuit breaker tripping.
  • Our 24/7 electricians in Mitcham can deal with electricity surges that might result when earth wire comes in contact with the electrical system, to avoid severe and fatal electric shocks.
  • If you notice sparks whenever you plug or unplug any electrical equipment or appliance, you may call to fix the problem.
  • Our electricians also deal with other electrical problems, including hot ceiling fixtures and hissing electrical panels.


No matter what electrical work you need, you should hire certified and qualified electricians because they know all the technical aspects of electrical systems and how to deal with them. They also ensure you and your family members' safety.

If you want to check the qualifications of the electrician you will hire for your electrical works, then ask for their NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) card. It is a national organisation regulating the UK electricians and ensuring their proper training and qualifications.

According to Part P of Building Regulations 2010, all the work related to new circuit additions or any other electrical work in the home must either be notified to the building control through a building regulation application or done by a registered and competent electrician.

An electrician is experienced in various electrical works and can rewire and install new electric systems, plug sockets, electrical appliances, extractor and ceiling fans, add new lighting, and check for electrical fire risks.

One of the significant reasons for circuit overload is the extension leads, as they allow one to plug in a more significant number of appliances, exceeding the load limit an individual socket can support.

Electrical problems do not allow you to waste your time fixing them because leaving them unresolved can result in house fires, injuries, or any other worse and unfortunate incident.

One year warranty

We take great pride in our workmanship & are committed to providing the best quality services to our valued customers.

Same-day service

We realise that electrical emergencies cannot wait, that’s why we offer same-day service for your electrical needs.

Upfront pricing

We quote every job on-site and before we start any work. No surprise bills or tactics. We guarantee our up-front pricing.

Licensed professionals

All of our electricians are fully licensed & trained to take care of all of your electrical needs.

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